Think inside the box by Janette Fofang

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A lire aussi

@ IMFURA: Jeanette Fofang

We have the privilege to hear on story Janette Fonang, an engineer entrepreneur.

A richman borrowed money to some man. And, at the end, the man was not able to give back the money. So the rich man asked him that, if he cannot give back the money he goes straight in jail. He also gave another solution, or he can marry her daughter. After all, the man did want the richman to married her daughter. But the Daughter proposes a game to a richman. She would put two stones in one box. And she will choose one stone. If the stone she picked up is white, she would marry him. But if, it’s black, she wouldn’t.

Then, she collected two black stones instead of white and black one. Then she took the richman close to the river. And she picked up the stone threw it in the river by mistake. And the rich man was becoming anger. But she told him to stay quite. Because, they could just take the stone remaining in the box and if it’s white, she will proudly married him to save his father.  

She asked the man to collect the stone, and of course it was black. She stayed like disappointed. That is all what we mean by thinking out of the box. Another person could have started crying what would definitely increase de bad situation.

It was an inspiration speech, just to bring Cameroonians to think fast and beyond the borders, and tries to create things that will useful for the country. Because when we are out to think outside the box, we are able to think solution oriented.  

People who are thinking out of the box know that it’s never late to start over. And nothing is ever impossible for those who know that sky is the limit. They know that they have to try, try and try again. 

Anyway: In the book, Pensez altruiste et devenez riche, César Tchoffo said that : "Love is all. After love, there is love." Someone who loves you or you love to, will never disappoint to you or you will never disappoint to him/her.